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Why Christian Clothing?

August 23, 2005

What should motivate a person to wear Christian Clothing. We all know that Christian T-Shirts are all around. Here are 10 great reasons to join the movement.

Ten Good Reasons to Wear Casual Christian Clothing.

10. People read Christian T-shirts: Did you know that the average Christian T-shirt is read over 3,000 times before it goes in the yard sale? You can impact your world for Jesus Christ simply by changing your tees!

9. Christian clothing makes a clear statement: When one wears a Christian T-shirt, hoodie, cap or beanie he is making a distinct statement. He is saying that he believes in the One he is advertising. The messages on our Christian shirts say something. It is like Nike paying famous athletes to wear their shoes. If someone likes the athlete they may buy Nike. If someone sees godliness and your tees he may be compelled to ask about your God. The messages on Christian sweatshirts and T-shirts are clear and compelling calls to remember God. Whether you wear a Christian shirt, cap or beanie or long sleeve t-shirts, these really are spiritual clothing/evangelistic clothing.

8. Evangelistic clothing is an inoffensive way to share a message: Many are nervous about sharing their faith because they are unsure about the reaction they'll receive from others. Even handing out a gospel tract can be a nerve racking experience for some. Making Christian T-shirts, sweatshirts, and headwear a part of your wardrobe will mean you are passively sharing with many people... as many as read your tees.

7. Intriguing: Good advertising must catch the person's "eye." There must be some interest raised. Quality Christian T-shirts and caps do just that with a variety of logos that call attention to God and His Word. It is important to choose clothing and caps, beanies, etc., that will catch the eye and raise interest. Although we don't think about it much marketers and advertisers do. That is why billboards are so popular and why so many companies print t-shirts with their advertising on them. As Christians, we are to be good stewards of time and money. Doesn't it just make sense to sometimes wear spiritual clothing that will witness as we walk and play.

6. Gives opportunities to witness: Be like a walking gospel tract. Our Christian wrist bands are called Witness Bands. Why? Because they give you great opportunities to share the gospel. The fact that people read your t-shirt or see your wrist bands means some may ask you about it. Be ready to give an answer full of grace. Many of us are not quick with words or able to easily share with others off the cuff. Use your Christian clothing as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. People are sometimes paid to wear placards advertising many different items they have no personal interest in. Well wearing a Christian T-shirt will mean to many people that you do have a personal interest. They will come to you with questions that can lead to a good spiritual conversation.

5. Comfortable and Stylish: Basically everyone wears t-shirts. Beanies, natural jewelry, wrist bands, caps, and hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) are all "hot" items. (Don't believe me? Ask your kids!) They are great for wearing at school, on the beach, on the street, really anywhere where people dress casually. As for our Christian T-shirts, they are quality t-shirts, prewashed cotton, choose from short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, in sizes and styles for everyone in the family. There are a variety of colors and messages to fit almost anyone's personality. Should Christians dress differently from "the world"? Only in as much as Biblical principles would lead us to: We must be modest, clean, godly and prudent. Choose clothing that will set you apart as belonging to the Lord without being so different that the world will not listen to your message. Paul says: "Be all things to all people." (1Corinthians 9:22). One online commentator explains the statement this way: "The principle is: Practice cultural accommodation as much as possible, without compromising biblical absolutes."

4. Christian clothing encourages other believers: Not only will you have opportunities to share with people who don't know the Lord you will encourage those who do. Remember that your boldness in Christian clothing may encourage someone else to be bold, it may lift someone up out of a trial or inspire a brother to greater zeal. Spiritual clothing may give you the opportunity to speak a few words of encouragement to someone who is feeling down. Hebrews 10:25b "Let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day approaching." If simply putting on a Christian shirt, sweatshirt, cap or beanie could help you encourage a brother to live a better life for the Lord it should be worth it.

3. Christian shirts remind the wearer: We all face many trials and temptations every day. What should I do? How are my attitudes? When one wears Christian T-shirts and sweatshirts that says "I belong to Jesus," it reminds him Whose he is. The question "What would Jesus do?" means even more when you are wearing his name on your Christian Tees and sweatshirts.

2. Burns bridges: Burning bridges means, "I am never going back." When you let people know you have made a stand for Jesus it makes it easier for you not to compromise and go back. Christian clothing can do just that. Bold statements on Christian shirts burn bridges. The call to follow Jesus is not for a trial period, but is a call to give him all your love, all your hear... to make a decision to never turn back. Take a stand and go on for the Lord!

1. Honors God: Make sure that honoring God is the chief reason you choose Christian clothing. It should be the reason for everything we do. Let God guide your choice of Christian shirts, caps, beanies and natural jewelry. 1Corinthians 10:31 says: "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." Let's apply that to our clothing: It should be modest, expressive, practical, but above all God honoring.

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