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How a $1 Dollar Christian Heat Transfer
Made Me Over $350,000 & I'm Going
To Show You How You Can Do it Too!

I've Personally Sold Over $350,000 Worth
of Christian T-shirts Using a
Manual Heat Press, T-shirts & Transfers!

If You Just Need Religious Transfers -
click here!

Just Follow the 4 Simple Steps Below & You're Off to
Making Christian T-shirts in the Comforts of Your Home:

Heatpress Machine: You'll need this machine, which heats up to over 400 degrees to actually melt the transfer design into the t-shirt. These are not iron-on transfers that you can use with a regular iron and ironing board. You need both the heat and pressure that comes from the machine clamping down onto the t-shirt and transfer.

Blank T-shirt: I can provide you with a source where you can purchase t-shirts for as low as .99 cents. Sometimes they have sales and you can get them for as low as .79 cents too...I like providing my customers with a heavy quality, pre-shrunk t-shirt which only cost me $1.19 - $1.39, that's my preference. Give them good quality and they'll come back and reorder!

Heat Transfers: There are thousands of heat transfer designs to choose from. I specialize in the Christian market and I only have about 50 Christian t-shirt designs listed on my site. I know they're several hundred out there, I just choose to keep a lower quantity, which keeps me from having to inventory all the designs. There are thousands of other designs you can get such as patriotic, dogs, cats, sea animals, country, sports, etc... Choose your specialty - don't try to do all of them, just specialize! On average, the transfers range from $1.25 - $3.50. Most companies require a minimum purchase of $100 each time you order!

Completed T-shirt: Now you have a completed t-shirt that was made for just $2.44 and you can resell it for $9.95 to $14.95 and you can even get $21.95 if you put it on a hooded sweatshirt! The hole process takes about 10 seconds to make a brand new t-shirt!

Since I move t-shirts in such a large volume, it only costs me about $1.69 to actually make a completed t-shirt, this includes the t-shirt and transfer design. If I just sold 15 t-shirts a day at $9.95 my profit would be $123.90 (15 shirts x $9.95 = $149.25) - $25.35 (cost to make 15 shirts). $123.90 x 5 days = $619.50 per week, or $2,478.00 per month for simply making 15 t-shirts per day; which will take less than 30 minutes a day from start to finish!

Out of the $2,478 profit, it'll probably cost me a few hundred bucks in advertising and the rest goes right into my pocket!

I've perfected a system whereby I can mail out catalogs of my t-shirt designs to a list of people who've purchased Christian products within the last 30-90 days and be guaranteed the phone starts ringing with orders! I can show you how to get your own catalog printed with your company name, address and phone numbers too and I'll show you how to get a targeted mailing list of people who are Christians and who have bought Christian related products online or through mail order. I'll even show you how you can make sure that all the names and addresses you get are people who have credit cards too (you want to make sure these people can buy what you send them).

When you mail out your catalogs to these people, you want to make sure you're mailing to a targeted group of people.

I also sell my shirts wholesale to various church organization who are having fundraisers to raise money for a special event. The great thing about fundraisers, they tend to order 300 - 500 t-shirts at a time. After the sell has been completed, you send them back some extra catalogs so they can pass around to the people who purchased and guess what? They re-order!

What Else Can You Do With This Heatpress Machine?

You Can Make These:

You'll Be Able to Generate Extra Cash by Making Sports Team Shirts, Church Shirts, or T-shirts for Different Schools & Day Care Programs!

Finally! Successful Entrepreneur and U.S. Air Force Veteran Cartess Ross Breaks 3 Years of Silence To Teach YOU His Money-Making Strategies and Powerful Secrets That Anyone Can Use To Make As Much As $50,000 to $150,000 By This Time Next Year Selling T-shirts On-line and Off-line.

Are you interested in discovering proven "step-by-step" techniques for DRAMATICALLY exploding your bank balance?

Would you like to QUICKLY set up a t-shirt business that makes you tons of money (I'm talking within 7-10 days)... 24/7... even while you're sleeping?

If so... I know you'll find my program EXTREMELY valuable...

"Because I am going to show you what took me 3 years to perfect a PROVEN "Battlefield Tested" system for learning, mastering and profiting from the BEST Christian t-shirt business in the world!"

Here's just a sliver of the techniques... tips and tricks you'll learn and master directly from me:

  • Where to get t-shirts for as low as .79 cents! You'll have access to thousands and thousands of t-shirts, blank canvas tote bags, baseball caps, jackets, sweatshirts and more at wholesale prices!

  • How to get an merchant account up and running inside 3 days - even if you have little, poor or NO credit ! You must have this to process your customer's credit cards!

  • How to get a web site custom made for less than $500 that will collect orders for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your web site will generate money while your in bed fast asleep!

  • The best day of the week to mail your t-shirt catalogs to harvest the best response. It's amazing but if you mail your t-shirt catalogs on this day... You can see response lift 25% - I have!

  • How to locate and identify large groups of people hot to buy your product . This is where most others mess up. They spend all their time working on a pretty catalog but have no idea who to mail them to. You want qualified & targeted people who are most likely to buy your t-shirts; otherwise you're wasting your money!

  • A secret "call center" that will take all your phone orders 24 hours a day- 7 days a week . You'll never have to speak with a customer! They will know everything about your product, to include wholesale prices, quantity discount rates, etc... They will even charge your customers credit card - you won't have to do a thing!

  • How to persuade the majority of your orders to go through your website - instead of your toll- free lines. Lower phone bills... less human-error . It's usually much better to leave it up to your website to take the lion's share of orders.

  • How to SMUGGLE the entire cost to make your t-shirts into the Shipping and Handling fee you charge your customer- without making them upset! This simple technique eliminates the "need" to have the 3, 5, even 10-times mark-up the " experts " say you need.

And so much more - When you purchase my system today, I'm also going to ship you the following:

Heatpress Transfer Machine: The 16" x 20" heat press is ideal for heat applying such larger items as t-shirts, jackets, fleecewear and more. It is also heavy duty and equipped with an automatic timer that lets you know the shirts are done!

Blank T-shirts: I'll also include 75 FREE Blank T-shirts so that you can practice making t-shirts as soon as you receive the machine. No waiting to order - I'm going to ship you a bundle of shirts to practice with.

Christian Transfers: $100 worth of religious heat transfers will be shipped with your order. You'll use these along with the t-shirts to practice making shirts!

Heat Transfer Catalogs: All orders come with a FREE set of heat transfer catalogs!!! You'll have thousands of designs to pick and choose from!

How Much Will This Cost Me?

I'll be honest with you- my system is NOT cheap by any means. It'll cost you $1,699.00 plus $75.00 to ship the entire thing to you. It's weighs over 100 pounds!

I only want serious "folks" to have access to this information.

If you're not willing to follow simple directions - the program won't work for you. You can make your investment back very quickly if you're willing to spend a few hours a week working the business.

The heatpress machine comes with a lifetime warranty on the heating element.

The order ships typically within 2-5 days!

T Shirt Business Opportunity
Price: $1,699.00

Got Questions? Email me: