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Christian T-shirts - Affiliate Program

Earn from 5 to 7%!

Become a The Praise Factory affiliate!

How Much You Can Earn?

You will earn commissions based on people who purchase something from us when they are sent by your site, your emails and your ads.

If you've glanced around our website you'll notice that we offer God honoring, quality Christian shirts at great prices. That means that if you send us people looking for Christian shirts there's a good chance you'll get a sale.

You will start out earning a 5% commission on all sales. If someone your site sends orders $50.00 worth of shirts your account will be credited with $2.50.

After 15 sales you'll be advanced to a second level affiliate and make 7% on all sales you refer. Imagine that if someone you refer sets up a fundraiser and orders $2,500 worth of T-shirts. Your account will be credited $175.00 on that one sale.

You get the picture. The more you sell, the more you can make.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 - Enroll as an affiliate . You will enter a personal user name and password to be able to log in at any time and see your referrals and sales.

Step 2 - Enter your personalized affiliate page and choose an ad (text ad or banner) to place on your website.

Step 3 - Load the ad on to your website and wait. Everyone who clicks on the ad will come to The Praise Factory. A "cookie" will be recorded and anytime they return within the next 90 days their purchases will be credited to your account.

Step 4 - You'll be paid via Paypal or personal check the 5th of the month, every time your account has over $10.00 of balance.

Christian T-Shirt Affiliate Program

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The Second Tier

Did we mention the Second Tier?

Anyone who you send to The Praise Factory who also signs up as an affiliate will be working for you too. That's right! You'll make 2% on all the sales they generate.

All your second tier members will be listed on your personalized affiliate page as well. So if you're helping others make money advertising Christian T-shirts you'll be making money too. You'll be able to see their sales and how much commissions are being added to your account.

How Can We Do This?

Advertising is always a major undertaking and expense for any company.

You see we really believe in our products and want to get them into people's hands. If people don't know we exist they'll never get our products.

You help us when you put a link to us on your page. It will bring in people who really desire to purchase Christian T-shirts. We will save on advertising expenses and that money is passed on to you as an affiliate for promoting a Christian website.

How to Sign up

If you are new to Christian Affiliate programs we welcome you.

Signing up is simple.

After clicking on the Christian T-shirt Affiliate Program link. You'll choose a user name and password and enter your name, website and email information. Then you'll be able to log in to see your personalized information page.

Christian T-Shirt Affiliate Program

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Getting Paid

You'll normally be paid via Paypal or personal check the 5th of the month, every time your account has over $10.00 of balance.

Commissions will be approved provided that a) payment was received from purchaser (mail in checks and money orders may be delayed) b) There has not been a return. (If a purchase is returned to us your account will also be debited of your commission amount.)

How much does it cost to become an Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is completely free.

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AdegAdegAdeg Christian T-Shirt Affiliate Program AdegAdegAdeg

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  • The details of our affiliate program are subject to change over time.
  • Affiliates who produce no traffic will eventually be removed.
  • We do not support spam. Any affiliate who sends "spam" emails will be removed from the affiliate program.
  • Affiliates who make exaggerated/inflated or untrue claims about our products and services will be removed from the affiliate program. The Praise Factory is a Christian company and insists on ethical (i.e. true) advertising.


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