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With a multitude of products on the market, each one promising to make your group gobs of money it is not always an easy decision which product to go with. The Praise Factory specializes in Christian T-Shirts and we believe these are an excellent product to promote. The following chart compares advantages and disadvantages of several common items sold at fundraisers.

Comparison of Fundraiser Items to Sell

Candy Candles Cookie
Something People Use Commonly Yes Yes No Some
Cost per Unit

Medium Cheap Medium to Expensive Medium to Expensive
Fundraiser sales price compared to Store Price About 25% less. About 50% more. About 800% more. About 90% more.
Estimated Profit
(based on sales of 50 - 100 items)
45% 48% 50% 25%
Initial Investment Not Necessary Must purchase candy boxes Not Necessary Not Necessary
Easy to Sell Yes, To the Christian market Yes, to almost anybody No Medium
Proclaims Gospel Yes No No No
Summary of Item Excellent for Sales by a Christian Group Fast selling low priced item. Niche item, good for a one time sale. Sellable to many but price may be deterrent.

Many groups choose to sell Christian shirts for the simple reason that they are so enthusiastic about the shirts themselves that they want to purchase them. We commonly hear of groups ordering shirts as samples and having members wanting to purchase the samples right away. That illustrates why it is a good reason to have samples to show. Once your potential customers have a look at the quality of our shirts they become enthusiastic about purchasing their own.

Our shirts are 100% cotton, prewashed, and heavyweight (6 - 6.2 oz.). We also sell many designs - just look around the web site - in a wide array of colors. This will lead to pleased customers for you. It is not uncommon for a group to repeat their Christian shirt fundraiser several times year after year or even in the same year. If they are happy with their first shirt the second time you sell they'll buy again and maybe more than the first time.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of selling the Christian shirts is that your main market will be Christians. "Nonreligious" people may not be interested in your product, since they don't hold to the core beliefs that the shirts proclaim. Although that may limit your market, for many groups that is another main reason for selling them. They want to proclaim the gospel and give others a convenient non-threatening way to do the same.

So take the plunge: Your building project, missions trip, or Christian school upgrade will take a step forward. Please contact us and ask for a fundraising brochure and pricelist.


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