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The best products to sell at church fundraisers are ones with religious meaning. Sure, you can make a few dozen brownies and host a bake sale, but you will definitely not make as large a profit as you will by selling religious merchandise. From Christian apparel and witnessing tools to books and music, Christian products are always a hit at church fundraisers.

Churches and philanthropy go hand in hand. And there is no benefit to which churchgoers more generously give than those that stand to benefit their own congregation. From youth group benefits to choir money drives, churches fundraisers are often very rewarding. That doesn't mean, however, that they don't require hard work!

The most successful church fundraisers are those whose organizers don't take charity for granted. A drab merchandise stand with a few advertisements posted about is probably going to make some money, but not nearly as much as one featuring quality Christian products, a stellar display and tons of enthusiastic participants! When it comes to church fundraisers, hard work is frequently rewarded.

If you want to make your next church benefit a success, our advice is to take the extraordinary route. Start advertising your products early. Purchase in bulk so that you can offer competitive prices. Organize a terrific display and utilize as many assistants as you can. Selling T-shirts? Get a dozen or so volunteers to wear them around the church before and during your event. Do all you can to get others as excited about your product as you are!


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